Full-Automated Molding system with Robot

Full-Automated Molding System with Robot

Full-Automated Molding System with Robot


Niigata injection molding machine and automation equipment can be a simple integrated system by CC-Link. Robot's information below can be viewd on Niigata screen.
 1. Error information, program information, parameters.

 2. Robot status (speed, position) 
 3. Maintenance information (battery, grease)
 4. Servo motor (load rate, amperage)


High-Performance Table Rotation Mechanism (PAT.)

Precise Table Positioning Mechanism

In addition to the servo motor for table rotation, an encoder for detecting table position is installed. Full-closed loop control achieves high-precision positioning. Highly efficient system keeps automated production continued without interuptions such as misplacing insert or mishandiling of molded parts.