Hold Pressure Vibration Control

H.P.V. Control (PAT.) --- For thick-wall molding

Purpose of development

H.P.V. Control technology was developed to reduce motor load in order to keep a certain level of hold pressure for a long time by continuous movements (vibration) of balls.

Advantage of H.P.V. Control

1. Oil layer formed around balls improves mechanical efficiency and reduces motor load.

Balls repeats clock wise and counter crock wise rotations.

2. Long-time hold pressure

Comparison of injection motors with  180 MPa load applied.

"No H. P. V. Control"

"With H. P. V. Control"

50% longer hold pressure time

3. Pressure control is more controllable and stable by better mechanical efficiency.

・With H. P. V. Control, pressure is stable with small change.

・Without H. P. V. Control, pressure change is larger showing irregular amplitude.