CFRTP compound molding

CFRTP Composite Molding System

Combined process of heated press & injection molding

Short molding process by GMS system

◆Advantage of composite molding


●Higher adhesive strength: 3 times stronger by pressing at high temperature


●Shorter process time: 50% less number of processes than insert molding of pre-pressed pre-preg material


●Shoter cycle: Cycle time reduced by special mold for heat&cool


◆GMS: Molding system with heat&cool control

①Both thermoplastic and thermosetting pre-preg material can be used.

②Cold press molding is in short time using near infrared heater.

③Heated press with special mold allows impregnation of resin.

④Stable temperature control by 16-channel.

 Heater and cooling water are automatically controled.


⑤Simple setting by special software for composite molding.

   Better operability with large touch screen.
 Molding setting and data can be managed at 

GMS: Go Molding System is a product of Go-Factory Ltd.