MDVR-TYS7000 Series Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine with Rotary Table

The MDVR-S7000 Series All Electric Vertical Injection Molding Machine with Rotary Table adopts a vertical clamp rotary table structure with horizontal injection unit, providing a low overall machine height with powerful, advanced injection and nozzle temperature control.

Low Table Compact Machine
  • Table height is lowered compared to older model as well as total machine height. Lowered table is more workable providing more safety.

Wider and Precise Clamp
  • Even larger mold can be mounted on this wide platen.

  • Niigata’s low friction table support device With our original belt drive system, table rotation is high speed yet quiet.

High Pressure Large Volume Injection
  • Injection pressure is as high as first rated achieving more than 250MPa with standard screw size and 190MPa with large screw size. It works well for motor insulator and other thin-walled high pressure molding products.

  • High speed mold with 400m/s injection speed is also possible.


Niigata Injection Molding