Service and Parts for Niigata Injection Molding Machine

This page is to support our customers by providing the latest information of discontinued parts and obsolete machine models. We never stop improving quality and performance of our products. Parts and machine models listed below are discontinued due to improvements in technology of our product lines. For further assistance, please contact us.

1) MD-SIV Series

Parts for MD-SIV Series listed below have been discontinued by manufacturers, however, we are able to supply until the dates described as followed. Please see End of Production and Repairing dates in below chart.

*1  For some models, it is replaceable with Fuji Electric POD. Please contact us.


2) Parts to be discontinued

Parts listed below are scheduled to be discontinued by manufacturers. We can supply and repair these parts currently.

3) Service for old machine models

Below Niigata machines were released more than 20 years ago. Many parts for these models are not available. Please understand that repairing and providing maintenance support are very difficult.