Our experience

Niigata started manufacturing of injection molding machine in 1963 in partnership with Stube, a German manufacturer. In 1990, our first all electric injection molding machine, MD-S series, was introduced. We have been expanding our product line to meet with customer's requirements.

2008 Machinery Design Award

MDVR100X all electric vertical injection molding machine

  2008 Machine Design Award

  President Prize of The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry


MD650S4, MD850S4, MD1000S4  all electric large tonnage injection molding machine

  2001 Director General Prize of Agancy for Natural Resources and Energy 

Niigata's solution

Molding production problem?
- Automobile, electronics, smartphone parts
- Super engineering plastics, engineering plastics, crystalline resins
- Thin-wall, thick-wall, uneven-thickness, insert and family moldings
- Production monitoring (factory automation interface)
We would like to help using our knowledge and experience.


● We support to use our machine effectively.

● We support automation and improving efficiency of production.

● We satisfy customer requirements.

We believe that our machine and service can help to 

Niigata's support

Productivity is improved by Niigata's injection molding machine

①All digital control, usable interface, energy saving, compact body.


②Stable production.


③Increased productivity.


Our latest development technology supports various applications

● Reliable wide clamping system.


● Accurate temperature control.


● Pressure holding for a long time


● Various screw sizes.


● Injection speed control by frexible V-P switching.


● Injection speed ranging from super low to super high.

Technical information

1. Thick-Wall Molding Technology

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2. Hold Pressure Vibration Control

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3.OA screw

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4. Ultra low speed injection speed control

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5.IoT, central control system

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6. BPF® control (Balance Pressure Filling Control)

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7. CFRTP compound molding

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8. Full-Automated Molding System with Robot

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9. Optional Equipment

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